Discover what matters for your people

Glean Signals applies the principles of data science to helping people thrive in the workplace.  The approach is simple but powerful:

1) Figure out what questions to ask

2) Find the data and answer those questions

3) Guide decision-making to ensure high impact, positive outcomes

Why do people leave an organization?

Career development matters 

60% of employees in a recent study indicated they would leave their current employers in the next 6 months if they didn't see clear paths for career development and advancement.  Role changes - new projects, assignments or a promotion - help people develop and grow within your organization instead of leaving for new opportunities.

What actions actually boost inclusion?

Recognition fosters inclusion

A simple thank you note or small cash award increases the average tenure by 2x because it increases a sense of belonging.  A sense of belonging is a key component of inclusion.  Recognizing good work is the simplest way to foster inclusion.

What's different about the highest performers?

High performers feel they belong

Those with the highest performance ratings are much more likely to say they feel a strong sense of belonging on their teams and in their organizations.  Belonging matters because it translates into exceptional performance.

What questions do you want to answer?

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